We help you decide

Wouldn’t it be nice if we knew what would happen in the future?  The opportunities would be endless.  We could place winning bets, invest in hugely profitable projects and plan for new legislation and government policies.


Well – we cannot predict the winning horse at the Dubai World Cup, but we can estimate how much contingency to set aside for your next project. The risk industry is evolving at a breath-taking pace.  Venture Risk Ltd., along with other risk professionals now use international tools and global standards which simply didn’t exist until very recently. Risk and opportunity management can be applied to any scenario, hardware or service but, in the wrong hands, the risk management process could spiral out of control and become completely irrelevant.


Venture Risk Ltd will guide you through the key principles and concepts of risk management. Our goal is to help you to decide how to use risk to achieve your objectives, be they compliance, strategic, operational or financial. We always start by listening to you, to find out why you are interested in risk, and then we suggest a tailored program which is cost effective and compliments your organization's current management of risk.