About Us

The idea for Venture Risk Ltd was formed in 2007, when the founding director was involved on the periphery of a large infrastructure project in Northern Europe  which was cancelled due to poor risk management, which lead to the idea of offering high quality, simple and focused risk services to meet the varied needs of our customers. We use the most up to date risk theory and all of our staff and risk partners are expected to have skills recognized by the Institute of Risk Management. 

                                                                       Bill Lenehan, MSc. I.Eng. MIRM. Senior Adviser.

Our business model is simple. We offer targeted and impartial advice on any risk issue you may have; whether you are a pressure group, NGO, large corporation or individual. We do this by having a core of full-time specialists, with support from expert partners for special assignments.


Our Belief

We believe in keeping it simple.
Risk management should be kept as straightforward as possible; that’s our philosophy.
Risk management should never be a parallel process involving double work and a lot of hot air. Instead, it should add value to your venture and use as little additional effort as possible. We only offer risk management that’s clear, concise, current and to the point. We will cut to the chase. Ours is a style of risk management that makes sense from the start, a vital and cost-effective element of your venture, not an unnecessary and costly add-on.


At Venture Risk Ltd we use complex background risk theory, but we always present results in jargon-free reports. All our work is robust, fresh and relevant, helping you make crystal clear decisions.