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Nothing stays the same, and neither does risk management. We are great collaborators and  are open to anything new which keeps risk management alive, fresh and relevant.

If you are a business, academic, student, practitioner, venture capitalist, pressure group, politician or individual with an idea, criticism, product or software which concerns risk, then contact us. There is nothing to be lost by talking.



Be a Venture Risk Partner

We are constantly being contacted for risk advice by various industries worldwide. In some cases, we have to turn down work because our partners are not available and we are not prepared to drop our standards by “making do” with untried agency staff. We only offer our customers talented risk partners who can make a real difference. 

We would love to hear from you if you feel you can help our customers’ ventures. We offer training to enable you to work to our standards and to offer only the very best to our customers. Below are the basic acceptance criteria we insist on.

  • You need up-to-date knowledge of modern risk management processes at your fingertips. Our customers demand the best and latest expertise from Venture Risk Ltd
  • We expect familiarity of a particular industry or field of expertise. A Venture Risk Ltd partner must  “hit the ground running” by having a good appreciation of the risks facing a customer before meeting him or her for the first time. Customers cannot be expected to spend time educating our partners.
  • You must be passionate about risk and opportunity. Our clients have to be told facts and opinions, both with positive and negative outcomes.   Risk management is not all about the downside.
  • You must be able to reduce complex risk theory to very simple native text, using as little jargon as possible, so that our clients can make informed decisions.
  • All of our clients are out of the UK, so you must be prepared to travel.  A second language is very useful, but not essential.


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