What We Do

 We are risk professionals. We help anybody with a question about risk. We do this by visiting your offices for face to face discussions, or by placing one of our risk partners in your organization for long term projects. 

Risk management can be applied to any industry and our range of services is growing to match our customer’s specific needs.  We are currently advising on:

  • Identifying and managing project risks in Engineering, procurement and construction projects, using quantitative and qualitative risk analysis.
  • The risks of working as a non-operator within Joint Operation Ventures in the energy sector.
  • Risk based contractor Insurance Planning (CAR) for large industrial projects.
  • Putting a value against project risk for inclusion into annual reports.
  • Risk based approach for AML/CFT for offshore trust companies.
  • Risk based approach to public engagement.
  • Risks associated with Carbon Capture Storage Projects.


*You can read about our recent projects in the Latest Insights section.*