Risk Principles

Business chart with jigsaw pieces on top

Did you know that combining your existing expertise with an integrated risk management system will add value and resilience to your venture? It will set your organisation apart from your competitors and even in line with the regulators.

Different organisations use risk for many different reasons therefore risk management is not “one size fits all”. That’s why great care has to be taken to choose systems which have the greatest cost/benefit ratios for your organisation. We guide you through the principles and concepts of risk management so you know the options open to you, enabling you to choose the best.

Some senior decision-makers such as Department Heads or Board Members deal with risk and reward on a daily basis, often unaware or disinterested in risk principles or concepts. However the business landscape has changed over the past decade and senior executives or anyone in an influential position, is now expected to defend their decisions against a risk background.

The program can address (in no particular order):

  • Risk management basic theory.
  • Current risk management practices and the rise of ERM.
  • Individual risk and project risk
  • Responsibility for Risk Management
  • Risk perception.
  • Risk tolerance
  • Stakeholder risk attitude
  • The strategic nature of corporate risk management
  • Introduction to risk management frameworks and processes
  • Risk Standards